June 18, 2020
Don’t Quit…Get ReFit™: Loose Skin After Weight Loss
  You already did the work. Whether it was growing a precious little baby human inside your body or painstakingly exercising and breaking bad food habits, you were once plumper, time passed, and now you’re, well… deflated. And initially that was the goal, right? Of course it was. You wanted to drop pants sizes or deliver a child, and you did. Way to go!   ...But now there’s a new problem.  Drastic weight loss is all fun and games until you realize th
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February 12, 2020
PlumpRF™ Promises to Bring the Romance this Valentine’s Day
  PUCKER UP, BUTTERCUP Regardless of whether or not your expensive dinner reservations have yet been made, February 14th is almost here. And, as the most lovey-dovey day of the year approaches, there’s no denying all the ultra-romantic Valentine’s Day vibes in the air. There’s just something about unexpected gifts, thoughtful heartfelt love letters, and deep red roses that makes people want to get, well, closer. In other words… a kiss is probably in your near future. So, a
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January 6, 2020
The most wonderful time of the year, yes, but also the most excessive. It’s no surprise that after a binge of food, drinks, and late-night parties we’re all ready to trade in our cocktail attire for gym clothes after the holidays come to an end. The problem is, after a season full of overspending, overeating, over-drinking, in-laws who stayed three days too long, and political fights with your uncle, thinking about taking on a new workout and nutrition routine just sounds plain exhausting.
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December 31, 2019
A Breathtaking Kiss to Ring in the New Year
  If you’ve ever stayed up long enough to countdown to midnight on December 31st, you know about “the kiss” as the clock strikes twelve. Since, well, forever, at the precise moment New Year’s Eve changes into New Year’s Day, lips have locked all around the world creating the most meaningful kiss of the year. And according to age-old folklore, that famous annual embrace isn’t just a celebratory peck, it’s so much more. Not only does the highly anticipated smooch bid good
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January 3, 2019
New Year, New Meh
    After decking the halls with wine, chocolate, holiday feasts, and a seasonally nonexistent workout routine, it’s no wonder the gyms are bulging with, well, bulge, after the New Year. You know how it goes. Come January 2nd, you force yourself into a packed group fitness class with other over-indulged exercisers who are also trying to pretend like they didn’t just spend the last three weeks eating more cookies than vegetables. And then while being shouted at to complete o
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June 11, 2018
How Can You Stay Healthy This Summer?
Summer bodies don’t always happen in the winter, in fact, summer bodies can still be achieved in the warmer months as well as maintained! We work hard after the holidays to “get our body back” and our skin in shape to be ready for swimsuits, dresses and short sleeves and less makeup to have a fresh summer glow but with all of the BBQ’s, birthday parties, beach outings and night activities it’s easy to get off track. Summer also influences us to be more health conscious on the inside s
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June 27, 2018
Operator Spotlight: Shari from Bare Beauty- Staten Island, NY
Non-invasive aesthetic treatments are on the rise as more patients are turning away from surgery opting to receive body contouring and cellulite treatments, as well as skin tightening treatments, with zero downtime and minimal comparitive cost. With advancements in non-invasive technologies, patients experience no downtime, little to no discomfort, no scarring and are still able to achieve results that are life changing. Shari, has owned her spa, Bare Beauty, for 8 years. Located in Staten Isla
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October 2, 2018
Would you love a more full and voluptuous pout?
Full lips with an accentuated border have often been associated with youth and beauty. Since ancient times, tribal peoples worldwide have introduced various materials into and through the upper and lower lips of all genders to enhance beauty. The perceived ideal size of lips has varied over time and in different cultures. For the last 100 years surgeons have attempted to use various substances to achieve the desired result. From paraffin in the 1900s to liquid silicone in the 1960s, to bovin
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