Stretch Mark Reduction

Diminished Stretch Marks is easy task for Viora

Stretch marks, or striae, are caused by the tearing of the dermis associated with rapid volume change (rapid weight gain, pregnancy, etc.). They often begin as red or purple marks and slowly fade to white or silver over time. The difference in color distinguishes how old the marks are. Though they may never disappear completely, treatment can reduce the size and lighten the color to match more closely the surrounding healthy tissue.

Viora is committed to providing safe, healthy treatments with minimum discomfort and maximum results for dramatically reducing the appearance of the stretch marks.

Reduce your stretch marks, so your skin will look smooth again!

Viora’s stretch mark reduction treatments can also be applied to other types of body scars such as post-operative or C-section scars. The treatment provides specialized and controlled tissue trauma to activate the body’s healing process through the production of new skin cells and destruction of fibrotic tissue in the stretch mark. Viora’s Technology repairs damaged skin, fully restores elasticity and normalizes the collagen fiber matrix and enables the skin recover from the trauma of being forcibly extended.

If you have also hyperpigmentation over the stretch marks, Viora’s treatment can deal with it as well!

Skin Health: Viora life Tips to Stretch Mark Reduction:

  • Start the treatment as quickly as possible – red stretch marks react better to the treatment
  • Use self-tanner instead of natural tanning – natural tanning can make stretch marks more noticeable, while self-tanning can camouflage them


  • How long does a treatment session last?
    • Each treatment is lasting up to 30 minutes, depending on the technology used.
  • How many sessions are needed?
    • Typically, a 3-4 session treatment course is sufficient to achieve long-lasting results, depending each patient and technology used.
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"While I was pregnant, I watched the skin on my stomach stretch and I was convinced that I’d have those ugly marks forever. I had Viora’s skin tightening treatments and now I can’t wait to wear my bikini at the beach, playing with my little girl!" Elisa
See the Results with the Viora SVC™ Technology

Patient Details: Female, 43 years old

Results after: 3 treatments with PRF

Courtesy of Dr. Alisa Sharova, Moscow, Russia

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See the Results with the Viora CORE™ Technology

Patient Details: Female, 40 years old

Results after: 3 treatments

Courtesy of Keren Or Medical Aesthetic Center

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