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13.08.2021EnerJet Joins Viora’s Family of Products
On August 12th, 2021, Viora Ltd., ProSeed VC and PerfAction Technologies Ltd., completed an assets acquisition agreement of the EnerJet & AirJet systems. The EnerJet & AirJet systems, developed by PerfAction, bring to Viora a combination of years of research and a patent-based technology, s...
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30.12.2020Extraordinary Achievements Accomplished for Viora during 2020
Press release: Despite the unique challenges of 2020, Viora has continued to push the envelope. Our R&D and Regulations departments have worked tirelessly in tandem and as a result, Viora has received 2 CE and 3 FDA clearances during this year and we look forward to sharing the details with y...
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14.12.2020Viora’s V10 Wins the Polish LNE 2020 Innovations competition!
The LNE Innovation Award is one of the most frequently mentioned awards in the marketing communication of products in the beauty industry! Since 2016, the LNE magazine has followed a unique tradition of awarding innovative professional cosmetics from the cosmetology industry. Their inspiration is...
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21.03.2019COVID-19: Viora Compassionate and Responsive Customer Care in times of Change
Press release: COVID-19 has affected all segments of the population across all ages, countries, and industries. Viora’s leadership team is closely monitoring the needs of our Viora Family of Distributors and Clinic Owners along with their practitioners to adjust to the new market’s condition an...
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03.01.2019Viora is nominated as a top sponsor at the 59th International Miss China Competition in ShanghaiViora is in the Beauty
The Final Gala Event of miss international beauty pageant China will hold on November 9, 2019 The official site ...
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