Viora’s V10 Wins the Polish LNE 2020 Innovations competition!

The LNE Innovation Award is one of the most frequently mentioned awards in the marketing communication of products in the beauty industry!

Since 2016, the LNE magazine has followed a unique tradition of awarding innovative professional cosmetics from the cosmetology industry. Their inspiration is the Prix H. Pierantoni de l’Innovation, awarded since 1995 in France and commemorating Humbert Pierantoni, founder of the magazine Les Nouvelles Esthetiques. Since their award has been present on the Polish market, each edition of the competition had its final during the LNE Congress and Fair. Companies proudly showcased their latest products and services, attracting the attention of experts and participants. This year, although none of their Congresses could be held live, they are faithful to tradition.

As every year, a list of the 21 most innovative products of the season was created, which set new directions of development. and this year, thanks to great activity of Viora’s Polish partner, VENUS-BEAUTY.PL, Viora’s V10 device was nominated and won!

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