Ionwave™ Technology by Viora

Maximum cellular penetration with Ionwave™ technology by Viora allows you to realize multiple facial and body skin care applications for the best results, every session.

Ionwave ™ technology is incorporated in Infusion system. Now your patients can receive the safest, fastest, most comfortable and most effective treatments available.

How Ionwave™ Technology works

Based on the well-established science of electroporation, Viora’s  proprietary Ionwave™ technology maximizes cell permeability and the  absorption of active ingredients by the cell. Precisely crafted electrical currents induce phospholipids movement in the cell membrane that results in the opening of micro water channels, allowing topicals to bypass the stratum corneum layer without puncturing the skin.

Working with the skin’s biological processes, by electrically stimulating these openings, the Ionwave™ Technology allows for the  safe passage of natural healing substances directly into the cell. Micro channels are of short duration and reseal soon after compounds are delivered. Viora’s Solutions are formulated for optimal delivery via Ionwave™ Technology and provide superior skincare and treatment results when used with Ionwave™ Technology.

Ionwave™ technology is a safe, painless, non-invasive, needle-free, hygienic delivery system.

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