COVID-19: Viora Compassionate and Responsive Customer Care in times of Change

Press release:

COVID-19 has affected all segments of the population across all ages, countries, and industries. Viora’s leadership team is closely monitoring the needs of our Viora Family of Distributors and Clinic Owners along with their practitioners to adjust to the new market’s condition and needs. An example of this pivoted support can be found on where more than 2,000 registrants have accessed weekly webinars focusing on our technologies, protocols and response efforts for clinics.

Our business models have proven resilient throughout the pandemic’s economic cycle and thanks to the dedication of our employees, our loyal customers, and long-lasting partners, Viora is well positioned for what the near future may hold.

Our Customer Success team is working to provide compassionate support to our tens of thousands of clients and partners all over the world, including North America, China, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

“Viora is working diligently to continue our operation without disruption, despite the COVID-19 effect. We made all of the necessary adjustments needed for our business to return to normal operation. In addition, Viora took immediate action to protect the health and well-being of our employees world-wide. As we face re-openings around the globe we are responding with swift adjustments and support to ensure our partners are operational and continue to experience their familiar personalized care and attention” said Eliran Almog, Viora CEO.

Visit us, contact us, share us and we can beat this COVID-19 effect together! /

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