June 3, 2022
Feel Better, Look Better:
Today’s available anti-aging solutions go beyond the imagination; particularly when discussing Viora’s treatment capabilities. Viora’s V-VR, V-FR and V-ST technologies, specifically designed for women’s health represent breakthrough options for complete skin rejuvenation.
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January 3, 2019
New Year, New Meh
After decking the halls with wine, chocolate, holiday feasts, and a seasonally non-existent workout routine, it’s no wonder the gyms are bulging with, well, bulge, after the New Year. You know how it goes. Come January 2nd, you force yourself into a packed group fitness class with other over-indulged exercisers who are also trying to pretend like they didn’t just spend the last three weeks eating more cookies than vegetables.
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May 7, 2018
Viora LTD’s Customer Care Department Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary
A Conversation with Viora LTD's Customer Care Director – Ms. Dana Dvir Ms. Dana Dvir, Customer Care Director LTD, has much to share while reflecting back on the eventful year.  Ms. Dvir, who brings a wealth of experience working for leading medical device brands, was no stranger to the competitive sales environment and the Customer Care team that is necessary to support any company, let alone a fast growing one like Viora. Her first order of business setting up the Customer Care department wa
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February 21, 2018
Operator Spotlight: Dr. James Chan of Dr. James Chan Clinic in Hong Kong
With spring quickly approaching people around the world are seeking the most popular aesthetic treatments to get their skin looking radiant and smooth for months to come where little to no makeup is required. Flawless skin is one thing Dr. James Chan of Dr. James Clinic knows how to achieve. Located in Hong Kong, Medical Director Dr. James Chan has been in practice for 22 years where he provides treatments to his patients using Viora’s V30, Reaction, Pristine and Infusion. Treatments with Vior
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October 18, 2017
Viora Gives You More
Viora has grown and developed over the last 11 years to emerge as one of the world’s leading medical aesthetic brands, with established industry professionals and a sprawling global distribution delivering advanced solutions. Much of the success is attributed to Viora’s unique methodology for patients and practitioners that implements a multi-faceted approach using multiple, long lasting solutions combined with aesthetic technology fusion that exploits the best features from each of Viora’
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April 23, 2017
Liberate Your Razor
Hair removal treatments with V-IPL by Viora are at the cutting edge of technology, and incredibly high levels of safety and treatment efficacy.  Thanks to unique PCR™ technology developed by Viora’s R&D team plus over 10 years of medical aesthetic manufacturing experience, Viora has deep knowledge regarding IPL treatments. Here are 3 quick points we wanted to share with you to help you better understand everything you need to know before bikini season begins: How does V-IPL work? V-I
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May 15, 2011
Permanent Solution to Cellulite?
Unfortunately for over 85% women with cellulite, the answer is no, there's no permanent solution. But Viora is working hard to provide a solution in this fat fight! As discussed in American Health & Beauty, Reaction uses radio-frequency energy to attack the irregular fat cells on the multiple layers of skin. This results in both mid-dermal and subcutaneous fat cells being targeted. As Dr. Neil Saddick comments, "Patients are able to see results relatively soon and regular maintenance is
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October 28, 2010
Cellulite Reduction Mini Case Study – Post #4
Natalie Treatment #4 As we continue treatments aggressively on Natalie, she sees great progress. This week we increased the RF to level 4 (of 4) for the first 2 phases of her treatment. She did not complain about any sensitivity or bruising as a result. She walked into her appointment and said that she felt her jeans were fitting better and that she felt much better overall. As we were taking her measurements we learned that she lost another ½ inch from the circumference of each thigh this we
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