Multi-CORE™ Technology at a Glance

Multi-CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) Technology based of Viora’s proprietary CORE™ technology which features three distinct RF frequency channels (0.8MHz, 1.7MHz and 2.45MHz) and an additional fourth multi-channel mode, combining all three RF frequencies.

The major benefits of these multiple RF frequencies include superior treatment control, precision targeting, for optimal clinical results. The addition of multipolar RF configuration making the Multi-CORE™ technology the most advance RF energy delivery.

Multi-CORE™ Technology Makes All This Possible and More.

Advanced Multi-CORE™ technology ensures enhanced precision and the utmost in flexibility, promising safer, quicker, and more comfortable treatments.

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How Multi-CORE™ Technology Works

With multiple RF electrodes and vacuum suction, Multi-CORE™ technology targets specific layers of the skin. The 4th multi-channel mode enables the heating of all skin layers simultaneously.

The Vacuum Boost.

Adding the power of vacuum therapy to Multi-CORE™ Technology maximizes the penetration of RF energy in the treatment area. Moreover, the four vacuum levels offer increased blood flow.

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