About Viora

We in Viora want you to look and feel your best so you can reach your true potential. Viora offers the best solutions for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, body & facial contouring, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, acne clearance, vascular lesions and more. For additional information about Viora treatments, ask your practitioner today or visit our “find the clinic” locator.

Industry Awards

Viora’s wide range of Proprietary Technologies and smart advance design, has granted with major industry awards
Winner of Dermascope 2016 - Aestheticians' Choice
Prix H. Pierantoni de l'innovation 2008
Finalist at the Aestheticians' awards 2013
Quality & Safety

Viora is committed to adherence to the highest industry standards in the manufacturing of medical devices. All the products are in compliance with the company’s quality assurance system and are manufactured under ISO 13485. The products also comply with the United States Quality Systems Regulations and GMP standards as well as the requirements of the EU Medical Devices Directive.

Specific systems are also certified with required clearance and/or directives according to the countries where the systems are in use (i.e. U.S. FDA).



Viora's Advantages
Viora’s rich experience lets our customers confidently treat a full range of aesthetic needs. And our clinical team is continuously developing new protocols to strengthen treatment menus.

With a wide array of worldwide certifications for our devices, manufacturing and business operations (Medical ISO, CE, FDA, CFDA, KFDA, TFDA, Health Canada, Thai FDA, HAS, TGA and more), Viora is proud to be distributing systems that have been thoroughly tested against industry benchmarks. You can be assured that your purchases have been fully vetted, and you’re using the highest quality products.
Active in the industry for a decade, Viora takes pride in maintaining the dynamic make-up of a start-up. This allows the flexibility and creativity in product development, clinical innovation and customer support necessary to provide a full line of non-invasive and minimally-invasive solutions involving mechanical microdermabrasion, RF and light technologies. Viora draws on its extensive experience and engineering, manufacturing and technological knowledge to ensure that our solutions and devices are tailored to deliver the greatest business success to our customers. Dedication to our customers means that you can deliver the highest patient satisfaction possible allowing you to shape your future.

Long Term Success
Advanced Medical System
Safe & Effective
High Satisfaction Rate

Our Certifications

Viora's technologies are certified with all required clearance and/or directives according to the countries where they are are in use (i.e. U.S. FDA).
Quality System Certifications
ISO 13485:2003 – Medical Devices, Quality Management Systems, Requirements for Regulatory Purposes.
CAN/CAS– Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System, Quality Systems Regulations
Product Clearances & Certifications
FDA clearance
CE Certification
CSA Mark– Conforms to CSA International Standards for selling devices in the U.S., Canada or International markets
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