September 20, 2010
Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification
Source: www.skininc.comBy now, everyone that has ever worked with an IPL is well aware of the importance of understanding and recognizing the skin type they will be treating.  Working with the V-IPL is no different in that aspect, but what the V-IPL can do for you, is simplify the process with its intuitive software.  The practitioner must choose light, medium or dark for skin type and the V-IPL will do the rest.  Below, you’ll find useful information on the importance of knowing and us
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September 3, 2010
Cellulite Reduction Mini Case Study – Post #3
September 3rd, 2010Mini Case Study – 3rd postLisa Treatment #3:Lisa is really starting to see noticeable improvements in the tightness of her skin. She enjoys the treatments and does not feel any discomfort during, even at the highest settings which are not for everyone. Her technician works aggressively to attack cellulite at its source. Due to her progress, her skin heated up faster than previous treatments indicating that her body is responding well to the Reaction.All the best Lisa!!
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August 19, 2010
Cellulite Reduction Mini Case Study – 2nd Post
August 19th, 2010Mini Case Study – 2nd postLisa Treatment #2:Lisa enjoys the Reaction treatment very much. Throughout the treatment she kept saying that it felt like a really great shiatsu massage. When the LaserTouch Soho technician asked Lisa if they could increase the suction level, Lisa welcomed the idea and enjoyed the treatment even more!!Lisa noticed a small improvement in her skin’s tightness since the first treatment. Congratulations on your success Lisa!!Here are Lisa's picture
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