February 21, 2018
Operator Spotlight: Dr. James Chan of Dr. James Chan Clinic in Hong Kong
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With spring quickly approaching people around the world are seeking the most popular aesthetic treatments to get their skin looking radiant and smooth for months to come where little to no makeup is required. Flawless skin is one thing Dr. James Chan of Dr. James Clinic knows how to achieve.
Dr. James ChanLocated in Hong Kong, Medical Director Dr. James Chan has been in practice for 22 years where he provides treatments to his patients using Viora’s V30, Reaction, Pristine and Infusion. Treatments with Viora devices include Microdermabrasion, Body and Facial Contouring, Skin Tightening, Removal of unwanted Pigment and Vascular Lesions, Acne Clearance, Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation and Brightening with Electromesotherapy.
Dr. Chan states that his favorite thing about Viora is the “On-going development of whole range of energy based aesthetic devices and evidence based treatment protocols of applications,” he continued by saying that the “V-FR, V-IPL and V-FORM on the V30 platform are my choice among devices with similar kinds of technology With comprehensive treatment protocols, new users are given step by step guidance for each application while experienced operators can safely control various advanced parameter to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.”
Viora offers versatility with control over the energy levels (joules), pulse duration and pulse interval, cooling, vacuum suction levels as well as coarseness of exfoliation to the skin for all patient concerns and conditions. Viora’s radiofrequency (V-FORM & V-ST) handpieces are configured with CORE / Multi-CORE technology. CORE enables the practitioner to deliver energy to the subcutaneous fat layer as well as dermal layer singularly or simultaneously. Viora’s PCR™ (PulseConfiguRythm™) elevates Light technology for treating indications such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular lesions as well as acne clearance. PCR generates various pulse structures for all hair depths, all skin types and various lesion sizes and conditions. The Pristine works with a dual mechanism to provide exfoliation and superficial ablation to mechanically remove outer layer of epidermis while utilizing vacuum to stimulate blood flow (oxygen to cells), rebuilding collagen, elastin, waste disposal and encouraging lymphatic activity.
Dr. Chan highlights one of his many successful treatment outcomes by saying “Viora’s V30 system has sophisticated PCR™ technology and a contact skin cooling mechanism to provide simple, painless, and safe treatment solutions for patients suffering from rosacea with their 2nd generation V-IPL handpiece. Treatments are fast and after only a few minutes facial redness is gone and the skin is clear for a long period of time after. My clients are satisfied with these promising results.” Dr. Chan’s patient says “I’ve lived with Rosacea for many years. A couple of months ago I had a treatment with the V30 IPL. Honestly, after having just 1 treatment, everyone is noticing the difference.”
Dr Chan Results
Dr. Chan added “Precision, effectiveness and safety are principles of my clinic. We advocate non-invasive and painless aesthetic treatments using the latest energy based technologies.
We are excited to spotlight Dr. James Chan of Dr. James Clinic in Hong Kong! Be sure to check them out if you are in the area as well as online:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.chan.3705
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-chan-97b05336/
Thank you Dr. Chan, for sharing this wonderful result!

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