January 3, 2019
New Year, New Meh
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After decking the halls with wine, chocolate, holiday feasts, and a seasonally nonexistent workout routine, it’s no wonder the gyms are bulging with, well, bulge, after the New Year. You know how it goes. Come January 2nd, you force yourself into a packed group fitness class with other over-indulged exercisers who are also trying to pretend like they didn’t just spend the last three weeks eating more cookies than vegetables. And then while being shouted at to complete one more torturous set of squats, you glance up at your reflection in the mirror on the studio wall mid-pulse and are genuinely unsure if the drop of moisture sliding down the curve of your cheek is sweat or if you’re actually just crying due to pure misery. It’s the same predicament every year, so let’s switch it up this time, shall we? Instead of “New Year, new me,” how about “New Year, new resolution”?

Our Vacuum Boost allows for deeper tissue penetration and increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Multi-CORE technology offers complete depth control across larger treatment areas for shorter treatment times.


The Skinny on Body Contouring

It might seem easier to believe in Santa than to believe that there is actually technology that exists that can sculpt and tighten your body without having an overly energetic personal trainer breathing down your neck, but there is.  Viora’s V-FORM handpieces and Reaction Body Contouring applicator which uses Multi-CORE™ and CORE™ Technology literally shrinks your unwanted fat cells, then finishes the job by tightening any extra skin that may have otherwise become loose in the process. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better when those fat cells are minimized, blood flow increases, overall blood circulation is more efficient, and as a result, your metabolic rate becomes stronger. It also stimulates collagen production which motivates extra skin elasticity and thickness, so your skin is smoother, firmer, and more youthful. Essentially, instead of walking into the New Year avoiding tasty snacks, you’re going to be looking like one.

Take It Easy

The goal is to enter a new chapter feeling calm and confident, not impatient and desperate to upkeep a difficult-to-manage resolution. Not only do Viora’s V-FORM and Reaction Body Contouring treatments promise results that will close out the holidays helping you feel jolly without looking it,  these treatments also are truly comfortable from beginning to end. You can expect to feel a warm, light suctioning sensation on the skin during your session that feels more like a hot stone, deep tissue massage and less like science awesomely melting away your fat and dynamically firming your skin. Viora’s 100% non-invasive treatments take about twenty minutes per zone, and there is no downtime, soreness, or scarring. An average of 3-6 treatments per patient is the norm, but that can change depending on the treatment area and degree of fat reduction.


This Year is Yours

No, really.  You got this.  We wish you a happy New Year and hope to help guide you into a healthier one, too. Visit our website at www.vioralife.com to find a Viora provider near you, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about great treatment results and satisfied patients.

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