September 22, 2011
Seeing Great Results with ReFit!
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Many women who have been pregnant know how hard it is to come to terms with the stretch marks and loose skin remaining after childbirth. This plight is also faced by other who have experienced extreme, drastic weight loss.
Unfortunately, there is no diet or exercise that can help with the flabby and textured skin.
While surgical intervention has become popular, there are serious risks involved with these procedures, including infection, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and more.
That’s why ReFit, Viora’s newest concept for treating excess skin after extreme weight loss is so exciting! Utilitizing Reaction, a leading body contouring device, ReFit treats the skin by restoring collagen flexbility, improving the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Recent cases using ReFit show significant improvment in lax and sagging skin.
A non-invasive solution, with no down-time or anesthesia – a simple, safe solution that allows you to get up and go, right from the treatment bed!
The results from ReFit have been exciting to say the least – check out these before and after images from patients who have undergone the ReFit treatment themselves!

And in her own words: From all the yo-yo diets in the past, and my recent pregnancy, my body was a mess. After losing 93 pounds from being on Israel’s version of The Biggest Loser, I did some research on what was available out there and was ready to make some changes. After only four treatments I’m already seeing results and am excited as to how ReFit will change my life. I’m seeing a real difference in the loose skin on my stomach and arms. Already these areas look smoother and firmer.
Visit Viora to learn more about ReFit and how it can help you!

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