The Elegant Resolution for Fat Accumulation and Cellulite Reduction by Viora LipoElim™ Treatment

White Paper: Inna Belenky (PhD)

Mesotherapy treatments have been used for body contouring throughout the last decades, involving injections of very small amounts of naturally occurring substances and minerals into the fatty layer. Contrary to classic mesotherapy, the use of electro-mesotherapy does not involve a series of injections that may be painful or cause unsightly bruising and other side effects. Infusion™ is a needle-free energy-based device that enhances delivery of Viora’s all-natural, high-quality topicals via proprietary algorithm called Ionwave™. All of Viora’s Infusion™ serums are created from pure, high-quality, natural ingredients to maximize cell penetration. Each formula is a precise blend of special serums, proteins and healing agents to be used with the DermaFuse® system to attain optimal results and the LipoElim™ Serum is no exception. LipoElim™ is a powerful anti-cellulite and body sculpting complex.

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