Clinical outcomes using Viora’s SVC™ Technology: Patients’ Satisfaction, Safety and Comfort

White Paper: Inna Belenky (Ph.D.)

The main limitation of the first generation of fractional RF systems is the inability to create sufficient coagulation/necrosis without ablating the epidermal layer, or have the ability to ablate the epidermis without coagulation/necrosis. Viora’s SVC™ technology represents the second generation of fractional RF systems. Thirty volunteers underwent a treatment course of 3-6 treatments with Viora’s V-FR handpiece. Twenty-nine of the 30 volunteers showed notable to significant improvement in the photoageing symptoms, with no complications or significant adverse events. Due to its wide spectrum of parameters and unique features, SVC™ technology can promote different biological responses in three different skin layers with increased safety and comfort. Viora’s fractional RF handpiece (V-FR) represents a new generation of fractional RF devices with enhanced control over biological responses, while improving patients’ treatment experience and safety.


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