ReVive Fusion Treatment as a Comprehensive Solution for Labial Aging

White Paper: Inna Belenky (Ph.D.), Irina Vozdvizhenskaya (M.D.), Yulia Shtirshnayder (M.D.) and Avital Glaoubach (M.D; OB-GYN)

Between childbirth and menopause, the female vagina and surrounding tissues go through various changes leading to a well defined set of conditions that include atrophic vaginitis, stress urinary incontinence (SUI), different manifestations of sexual dysfunction and more. Together with the natural process of aging and childbirth, vulvar and vaginal atrophy is a relatively common condition symptomatically affecting approximately 50% of all postmenopausal women worldwide. In addition, unpleasant aesthetic appearance of vulva is an additional factor that extends negative psychological response, embarrassment, anxiety, and lack of confidence.

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