Multi-Central Retrospective Clinical Analysis with V-VR – Sinclair’s Ultimate Vaginal Health Solution with Co-Polar RF ™ and CORE ™ Technologies

Peer-review: J. Hill. A. Glaubach, F. Bar Levy

Based on the number of electrodes and their geometry, non-invasive RF devices can be classified as monopolar, bipolar, tripolar, or multipolar. Sinclair recently developed a new and innovative Co-Polar RF™ technology that was specially designed for intravaginal treatments (integrated in the V-VR handpiece). This study represents the first V-VR clinical data collected from 3 independent clinical centers of women health.

Two proprietary technologies were involved in the design of the V-VR handpiece: the Co-Polar RF™ and CORE™ technologies. 34 healthy women, age 17-78 years retrospectively were included in the study. The patient cohort was diverse in age, BMI, Fitzpatrick skin type, number of births and the time duration post last pregnancy.

Patients experienced an 87% average improvement in Stress Urinary Incontinence and 69% average improvement in vaginal dryness, 6 months post 3 V-VR treatments.

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