June 27, 2018
Operator Spotlight: Shari from Bare Beauty- Staten Island, NY
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Non-invasive aesthetic treatments are on the rise as more patients are turning away from surgery opting to receive body contouring and cellulite treatments, as well as skin tightening treatments, with zero downtime and minimal comparitive cost. With advancements in non-invasive technologies, patients experience no downtime, little to no discomfort, no scarring and are still able to achieve results that are life changing.
Shari, has owned her spa, Bare Beauty, for 8 years. Located in Staten Island, NY, she has been treating her clients with Viora’s V-FORM hand piece on her V20 device for the past year. One of Shari’s favorite Viora treatments is performing the V-FORM on her patient’s stomach because of the “amazing results” they see.

“Viora was the best thing I did for my business. The results from the many treatments that can be provided are great!  It makes me so happy to provide services to my clients and know that they’re happy with their results,” says Shari. Additionally, Shari is able to offer V-IPL treatments for hair removal, acne clearance, pigmented lesions and age spots, vascular lesions and Rosacea as well as skin rejuvenation for wrinkles and uneven tone and large pores. She is also able to offer body contouring, cellulite and circumferential reduction as well as full body skin tightening, all with one device!
One patient, a mother of 2, was treated with the V-FORM on her stomach where she had some unwanted fat as well as lax, sagging skin and stretch marks. Shari performed 8 V-FORM treatments. 4 treatments were done with Viora’s body contouring protocol to help reduce the unwanted fat and 4 treatments were performed with Viora’s unique protocol called ReFit. This protocol, particular to Viora, targets the loose, sagging skin as well as unwanted fat, all at the same time! Shari followed each treatment with Viora’s V-ST handpiece to address the patient’s stretch marks.

The patient is 39 and a Skin Type II and is more than excited about her results. “I am literally over the moon. I never imagined my stomach would look this good without a tummy tuck. I love my results! Thank you Bare Beauty and thank you Shari for making me feel like a rock star and saving me from unnecessary surgery.”
We are so excited that Shari is able to provide her clients with life changing results! With Viora’s V-FORM and V-ST hand pieces, with integrated CORE technology, providers like Shari are able to treat all skin layers singularly or simultaneously while keeping the clients comfortable with no downtime. CORE technology utilizes 3 distinct RF frequencies to target the adipose tissue (or fat) as well as the reticular and papillary layers of the dermis for skin tightening, lifting and smoothing of unwanted wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. At Bare Beauty, Shari’s patient was able to shrink fat, tighten skin and greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks without surgery!
If you are in the Staten Island area, or on Facebook and Instagram, and would like to learn more about Bare Beauty, you may contact them via their social media accounts below:
Facebook: Bare Beauty – IPL Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation
Instagram: @barebeauty_shari

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