Hair Reduction

Smooth skin is just a few Viora Hair Reduction treatments away!

Are you sick and tired of plucking, tweezing or waxing?  Are you dreaming of the day when you won’t need to use a razor?  Viora has a solution!

Laser or IPL technology works to remove hair by targeting the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft; where the light energy converts to heat and destroys the hair follicle for long-lasting results.


Hair reduction treatments are some of the most popular treatments for men and women across the globe! Viora’s hair reduction solutions offer an important advantage in the aesthetic market by using the most effective IPL and laser devices. With industry leading photo-epilation PCR™ Technology Viora’s hair reduction solutions offer a significant reduction in hair growth that is both safe and quick. 

With Viora’s hair reduction Technology, the treatments for both man and women have never been more comfortable, affordable and effective. Forget the inconvenience and pain of razor burns, waxing and plucking. Better yet, enjoy the most safe, quick and effective treatment for any part of your body with Viora.

Skin Health: Viora life Tips to Hair Reduction Treatments:

  • Smooth and clean shaving before the treatment session will increase the effectiveness and comfort of the treatment
  • Avoid any direct sun exposure 2 weeks before and after each treatment to prevent pigmented changes of the skin
  • Don’t use any other methods except shaving (waxing, pulling, etc.) in between treatments to increase effectiveness


  • Do I need to apply any topical anesthesia to prevent pain?
    • Thanks to Viora’s Proprietary PCR™ Technology and advanced contact cooling, the treatment is well tolerated, and no topical anesthesia is required.
  • What does the treatment feel like?
    • With Viora’s contact cooling system, that provides cooling before, during and after each pulse, out light technology treatments provide the most comfortable experiences possible. Some patients might feel a slight stinging or heat sensation, depending on the treatment performed.
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"Not having to shave or wax anymore is the biggest benefit of it all. The amount of money I've saved myself is worth taking a long vacation to enjoy my newfound freedom. Need I say more?" Seema
See the Results with the Viora PCR™ Technology

Patient Details: Female, 32 years old

Results after: 1 treatment

Courtesy of Viora Ltd Clinical Team

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See the Results with the Viora PCR™ Technology

Patient Details:

Male, 36 years old

Results after: 4 treatments

Courtesy of Viora Ltd Clinical Team

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