Body Contouring & Circumferential Reduction

Body Contouring without surgery or pain!

Local fat accumulation, either over the abdomen, underarms or flanks, is one of the most annoying body conditions. Since these conditions are not related to the entire body fat volume, typical diet or sports activities have little to no effect.

Viora body contouring treatments are safe and comfortable, with no downtime.

Contour your body with non-surgical technology!

Viora’s Technology helps to reduce fat volume by treating the fat layer effectively and safely. This treatment provides consistent results, primarily for the facial contouring and body circumferential reduction with long lasting effect. The RF energy heats the hypodermal layers to enhance blood microcirculation that in turn encourages the enzymatic activity, leading to fat natural hydrolysis, resulting in fat volume reduction. The heating effect in the dermal layers lead to connective tissue remodeling which tighten the skin and helps to keep the results for much longer.

Skin Health: Viora life Tips to Reduce fat Volume:

  • Exercising as a way of life -higher muscle mass improves local blood microcirculation, leading to higher metabolic rate of fat tissue.
  • Hydrate your body with pure and clean water.
  • Choose clean, unprocessed foods.
  • Try to use a different salt then you have on your table (like Celtic sea salt)
  • Walking is an incredible form of physical activity that’s accessible, low risk and free. It’s more than that, it’s one of the easiest forms of exercise that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life


  • How long does a treatment session last?
    • Viora treatment menu allows you to be treated over the entire body, including face (jowls, cheeks, brows, forehead, nasal labial area), neck, décolleté, and body including post weight lost sagging skin, stretch marks and scar Each treatment area is treated during 16-20 minutes.
  • How many sessions are needed?
    • Each treatment course depends upon the body part and specific treatment being done. Recommended number of sessions ranges between 3-8 sessions.


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"I have regular slim body but for a long time I’m trying to reduce the fat under my arms. I’m doing yoga and gym twice a week, but still this part was always problematic. After receiving only 4 treatments my arms looking amazing and I finally can wear a t-shirt that I like." Tatiana
See the Results with the Viora CORE™ Technology

Local Fat Accumulation

Patient Details:

Female, 44 years old

Results after:  4 treatments

Courtesy of Viora Ltd. Clinical team

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See the Results with the Viora Multi-CORE™ Technology

15 cm Circumferential Reduction

Patient Details:

Female, 70 years old

Results after: 8 treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Inna Belenky, Viora Ltd.

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See the Results with the Viora CORE™ Technology

Facial Contouring

Patient Details:

Female, 34 years old

Results after: 3 treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Marina Vashkevich, Canada

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