Lymphatic drainage massage

Reduced edema, swelling and improved circulation!

The lymphatic system plays a major role in our immune system by producing the white blood cells that fight infection. But, it also helps to rid the body of toxins and liquids. The system build from network of vessels that transports lymph fluid around the body. This fluid collects waste products, fatty acids, bacteria and viruses from the body’s tissues and transports it to the lymph nodes to be filtered and eventually removed from the body.
Due to aging, hormonal changes, medication, and more, the body’s tissues become overloaded with toxins, causing the liquids to build up and blockages to occur, making it difficult for the body to expel the toxic waste.  The edema (or swelling) due to the accumulation of excess fluid it is particularly common in the lower leg, ankles, and feet. However, due to invasive and semi-invasive procedures (such as laser-lipolysis) a local edema may occur post-procedure on the treated area.

The lymphatic drainage can be used to relieve edema, remove damaged cells and deliver nourishment to assist with the development of new tissue. Unlike deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage massage aimed to treat swollen areas. Hence, is very effective when treating injuries, reducing scar tissue, and minimizing pain associated with edema.

Featuring a variety of solutions for lymphatic drainage, Viora’s line of products (such as V-FORM, Reaction and Pristine) incorporate lymphatic massage capabilities according to your specific needs.

The integrated vacuum suction, available within Viora’s technologies, stimulates the lymphatic system to clear blockages, allowing the lymph liquids to flow freely, thereby improving the system to perform at an optimum level.

We at Viora are committed to providing safe, healthy treatments with minimum discomfort and maximum results for swelling-free skin.

Skin Health:  Viora life Tips for Clear Skin:

  • Avoid salty products since it contributes to liquids accumulation
  • Keep your legs raised to improve blood flow
  • Wear compression stockings to reduce swelling
  • Drink plenty of water during the day
  • Avoid drinking caffeine
  • Avoid / limit drinking alcohol


  • Does this treatment painful?
    • Not at all. In contrary to the deep tissue massage, the lymphatic massage is gentle and pleasant.
  • How many treaments will I need?
    • It depends on the severity of the edema and its origin. the treatment course may range between 2 up to 6 sessions.
“My main concern about getting again laser lipolysis, was the prolonged healing and swelling. But my doctor ensured me that he will deal with that with a gentle massage that will reduce the unpleasant feeling. I was really surprised that this time the healing was very short and with much less swelling." Diana
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