Viora’s ReFit Solution – Skin Tightening and Body Contouring After Extreme Weight Loss

White Paper: Inna Belenky (Ph.D.), Ariel Margulis (M.D., M.Sc.)

Excessive weight loss, and fluctuations in fat volume, whether accomplished via diet and exercise, surgical and aesthetic procedures or post-pregnancy, can result in massive folds of redundant skin and stretch marks. Body contouring surgery has risks and complications, therefore, non-invasive body-contouring treatments are becoming more popular, including radiofrequency (RF)-based devices. In December 2010, Viora started treating E., a 27-year old male, with excess skin and stretch marks on the abdomen area, due to more than 50 Kg weight loss over a period of approximately 12 months. This young man was searching for skin tightening treatments in order to improve the appearance of his skin and improve his body image. The patient underwent ReFit™ treatments with a specific protocol developed for such cases. After eight sessions, the patient’s skin showed dramatic improvement in the laxity and reduction of redundant skin on the abdomen area. Also, there was notably significant improvement in stretch mark appearance. At the first follow up visit, the patient stated he was finally not embarrassed to go to the beach and that he would strongly recommend treatments with ReFit™ protocol. The special treatment protocol may also be applied to other cases of excessive weight lost, such as post-pregnancy and post-aesthetic procedures for fat reduction.


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