October 28, 2010
Cellulite Reduction Mini Case Study – Post #4
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Natalie Treatment #4

As we continue treatments aggressively on Natalie, she sees great progress. This week we increased the RF to level 4 (of 4) for the first 2 phases of her treatment. She did not complain about any sensitivity or bruising as a result. She walked into her appointment and said that she felt her jeans were fitting better and that she felt much better overall.
As we were taking her measurements we learned that she lost another ½ inch from the circumference of each thigh this week!! Jeans don’t lie!!
These are the before and after pictures of Natalia. The results are noticeable after 4 treatments with 2 to 4 treatments more to go.
NAtalia B&A
Lisa Treatment #4

Lisa really looks forward to her weekly treatments at Lasertouch Soho. “It is a treatment that has changed my life” she was heard saying last time we saw her!  She feels great during and after the treatments and is happy to report that she has almost no cellulite left in the areas that were treated. During her consultation, Lisa was asked what she looks forward to gaining most from these treatments and she answered “A confidence boost and a much-improved body image.” And it seems she’s getting what she asked for and we can tell.  The technicians continue to work with vacuum level 4 (of 4) as she enjoys the massage-like quality of the treatment.

Susan Treatment #4

Susan has seen wonderful results from her treatments. She’s noticed a significant reduction in the amount of cellulite in the backs of her thighs and buttocks and great improvement in the quality of her skin texture in that area. At the end of her treatment, Susan said, “I feel great and my legs look better than ever!”  We continue to treat her with RF level 3 for the entirety of her session and vacuum level 4 for the first half of her treatments. Susan has not complained about any sensitivity or bruising as an effect of her treatments.

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